5-a-side Roller Derby
The Royal Windsor Rollergirls (UK) hosted the first Sur5al challenge in April of 2012, just a year later Sur5al had spread all around the world, with 1 weekend seeing Sur5al events hosted in 3 continents.

Sur5al events have now taken place in America, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and all across Europe with more events planned all the time.


Sur5al is a one day roller derby challenge with up to 15 teams of 5 playing each other just once throughout the day.
Each jam last for 2 minutes there’s no calling off the jam, 5 points are awarded to the winning team, 2 points for a draw and nothing for a loss, 1 point is also awarded to the lead jammer.
7 penalties still means ejection, the 5 then become 4!

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Sur5al can be themed, co-ed, rookie etc, it really is up to you! As you can see from some of the Windsor events below there are a few fun tweaks every now and again, see Sur5al Of The Fittest!

April -2012 - the first ever Sur5al, 15 teams from across the UK got together for this closed-door, trial event, it was a huge success, with team 'Dragons are Green' crowned the ultimate Sur5ors.

The captains meeting at the first ever Sur5al.

August - 2012-Summer Sur5al

November 2012 - Sur5al For Boys - Team Douchebag, made up of players from Southern Discomfort broke all records when they won every jam, claimed every lead jammer point and picked up the awards for Jammer Take-outs and most points in a single jam with Reaper picking up 46 points.

Panam Squads, Poupa Test at Sur5al for Boys

August 2013 - Summer Sur5al (remix) - the first co-ed event saw Team Double Threat crowned Ultimate Sur5ors.

Oct 2013 - Rookie Riot

April 2014 - Sur5al Heroes, a co-ed event which saw each of the 15 teams captained by a Sur5al 'hero' most of them players from the men's and women's national teams. The winning team: Orange is the New Black, captained by Rollin Stone R.

Mr Furieux at Sur5al Heroes

August 2014 - Sur5al of the Fittest - a coed event with a twist, no star passes permitted but a star pass alarm meaning both jammers must immediately remove their helmet cover and attempt a star pass, a gladiator team made up of 5 team England men and women, the gladiators couldn't win the day, but any points scored against them were doubled, the other thing... a planking penalty box!

Planking penalty box at Sur5al of the Fittest